The Accelerated Goal Achievement Program

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The Next Project 42 Program Begins:

28th February 2022

This program is now 


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Who's Project 42 for?


You feel like you're stuck in a rut in life

If everyday feels like groundhog day you're just not sure how to bust out of it... this is for you.

You want to lose weight & get in shape

But you've struggled with this in the past... this program holds the key to sustainable success.

You know you're made for more in life

If you know you're not living up to your full potential... this might just be the lightbulb moment you need.


Project 42 is for anyone who wants to accelerate the achievement of their goals. 

Whether you're a parent looking to lose weight, get in shape & live a healthier life.

An aspiring expert in your field who wants to write a book.

An ambitious individual looking to advance in their career or grow their business.

If you know you NEED to take action but are not sure HOW or WHAT steps to take then Project 42 will give you the clarity & coaching to achieve it in 42 days.

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The Results of Project 42 are Legendary

You can achieve a LOT more in 42 days than you might think...


The average fat loss during Project 42 is 42lbs (!)

People complete books they’ve been trying & failing to write for 10 YEARS in 42 days.

People get in the best physical & mental shape of their lives.

But don't just take our word for it...
you can see all of the transformations for yourself!

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Your Success is 100% Guaranteed

Yes! I am personally guaranteeing YOUR success.

If at the end of Project 42 you have implemented everything but are not 100% satisfied with your results, I will refund you 100% of your money.

This ensures you have zero to lose and only a prosperous future to gain.

Why would I offer such an audacious guarantee?

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How Exactly does Project 42 Work?

Live Online Program

Project 42 is a live online program where you will join a group of ambitious people on a similar path to you.

42 Days

I become your coach, providing you with what you need to be successful & most importantly keep you accountable over 42 days.

Tailored Coaching

The program is a combination of power packed online modules and live coaching calls that will guide you to reach goals.

The Seven Pillars:


Purpose Building

It's as simple as this: What is it that you want to achieve? We create clarity and one focus for 42 days.


Purpose Driven Behaviour

Establishing your "vital work" and structured system with specific deadlines.


Commitment & Responsibility

Establishing your commitment level and where your level of responsibility must be for attainment within a designated timeline.


Relentless Action

In order to accelerate your results action is required. Don't worry, we will show you step-by-step what you will do daily to fast track your results. We will show you how to improve every day and compound your results.


Indomitable Spirit

Implementing a 'never give up' attitude. You will learn to problem solve and overcome obstacles. You will embrace the challenges that would normally pull you off track or stop you in your tracks and see all obstacles as learning experiences and areas for improvement. No matter what the challenge, we will overcome it together and keep you moving forward.


Maintaining Momentum

You will implement a set of personalized key habits, behaviours and rituals that pertain to your specific growth plan. Once these become automatic to you it will accelerate your results.


Empowerment & Transformation

As you see your results and a new level of achievement you will feel empowered and grow personally and professionally. This growth is transformative and that is what we are all about... Transformation. Taking you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Coached by Jeramy

You'll have Jeramy in your corner, on your side throughout.

Part of a Group

You'll bond with the other members of the Group - who'll all share your determination and drive.

Shape Your Future

Jeramy's Project 42 is for serious people who are serious about shaping their future.

This is Big Boy/Girl Stuff

It doesn't matter where you are now... but it does matter where you want to be.

The Success of Jeramy's Project 42 is Legendary

An average of 42lbs of fat loss in 42 days. People completing books they've been trying to write for 15 years in 42 days. Multiple 7 & 8 figure exits/business sales, many millionaires created and a 90% completion rate over 15 years (most other motivational programs have a completion rate of just 2%)!!

It's likely to be the only opportunity this year to work directly with Jeramy

(his existing groups are full with no vacancies expected).

And what exactly is included?

Your Commitment

If accepted into Project 42 you'll be committing to the 42 days program. You have to promise to implement what you learn. If you don't change nothing changes. But the changes you make will last a lifetime!

Your Investment

Your investment will be $499 per month for 3 months. Expect your Return on Investment to be enormous.




You'll need to be decisive and move quickly because there's always B-I-G demand for this sort of access to Jeramy.
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To recap this extraordinary offer...

You can get full access to the next Project 42 that starts on the 28th February which includes: 

Available to you today for just 



 3 payments of $499

And you can join in total confidence knowing you are backed by our 100% money-back guarantee.


This ensures you have zero to lose and only a prosperous future to gain.


Why would I offer such an audacious guarantee?

Read the full details HERE
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Join Project 42 & Accelerate your
Goal Achievement Today

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Available to you today for:



Exclusively reduced from $2997 

  • Starts on 28th February


  • 42 days of being coached by Jeramy


  • Power-packed online modules


  • Weekly coaching calls with the group 

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We have thousands of Project 42 Customer Love Stories


Every month we receive letters like the ones seen below


Hopefully you can see why Project 42 has become one of the most fulfilling ways to dedicate my life...



Here at FREEMAN FORMULA our core values are:


And we are fanatical about delivering on them.


I KNOW... the leadership development curriculum inside PROJECT 42 can produce life and business transforming results. It can radically alter your future, fortune & happiness forever.

BUT... I also know you don't know this yet.

And you won't until you experience the training for yourself.


THAT IS WHY... I am providing you this audacious guarantee.

This is the distillation of a 25+ year epic adventure in collecting the very best in human performance and leadership development from the best & most successful achievers out there.

The growth advantage and acceleration this curriculum provides you can produce results far beyond your enrollment investment fee.

I’m assuming all your risk, so you have zero.


Now, let me be clear about the conditions of this guarantee:

Like a concert or any other event experience, if you don't show up there are no refunds.

There are pre-experience preparation materials, journey logs, action guides, and quests to complete during the learning adventure. At least the first two modules will need to be completed and sent in to prove participation and qualify for your refund.


It's as simple as this:

Show up, do the work, and your investment return is (better than!) guaranteed.

Wow! I got it, thanks